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WMS 2018-19 Extracurricular Activities

Below is a listing of clubs that are currently happening at Whatcom.

Check back later for additions, changes or updates.

Please email the advisor for more information.



Activity Advisor Day & Time/Location
Dungeons and Dragons Club


Matt Tremaine


Thursday @ 8:15 am


TSA = Technology Students Association

= STEM projects and leadership skills


Kristen Schlegel

Tues or Wed -whichever is a B day for the week @ 8:15 am

Room S1

Photo-Journalism Club Thursday @ 8:00 am

Room 101

Drone/Lego Robotics Club


Grace Meloy

Ned Hannah


Wed. @ 8:15 am, starting 9/26

Room 203



Shelby Ziels


Every other Weds. @ 8:15 am

Room 19

ASB = Associated Student Body – Elected officers only Beth Schille-O’Connor

Every other Friday @ 8:15 am

Counseling Office Conference Room

Bike Club Jeff Coulter


Friday 8:00 am, Bike Shop
QSA =  Gay, Straight Alliance

Discuss issues and plan activities related to diversity.

Darilyn Sigel, Patrisia Kulaas, Mark Heimer


Friday 8:30 am, Library

and every Tuesday at Lunch

Choir Club Linda Short

A Days

Music Building

Ping Pong Club Nicole Brown, Jen Aldrich and Therese Claire


Thursdays, 8:15 to 9 a.m.